Inkwell oriental style - praying religious

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Inkwell orientalist style early twentieth representing a religious Muslim praying towards Mecca.
Working Austrian or French polychrome white metal definitely a tourist souvenir with a view of a turn of the 1950s.

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275 €

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length12 cm
Width8 cm
Height7 cm

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Orientalism is a very important movement in the arts that appeared at the end of the eighteenth century. The Bonaparte's expedition to Egypt in particular was a big driver for this movement. Delacroix, Jericho, Chasseriau, many have shown a more or less imaginary Orient.
This movement continues until the early twentieth century and even beyond, since Orientalism remains one of the art deco components.
Orientalism expresses the fascination of artists, mainly for North Africa or the Middle East and dreamed ideals.

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