La Tradition de l’écriture has specialized for 25 years in ancient writing instruments. We offer a wide range of antique pens collection of inkwells, pen holders and various objects related to writing.

Thus, we repair much of the old fountain pens from 1900 to the 60, Parker 51, Safety Waterman model classic lever, various piston fountain pens and the Schaeffer Snorkel.

Here are different types of repairs we can perform:

- Restoration pens Ebonite
With time, you will have noticed, the Ebonite sometimes changes color and can become green, brown ... We give it its original appearance without clear reasons and the manufacturer's brand.

- The restoration of celluloid pens (plastic)
Polishing the celluloid helps to remove small scratches and restore luster to the celluloid.

- The replacement of tanks for pump pens
We carry replacement ink tanks latex for old pens pump. Very wide range of bags tanks, availability is depending on the model.
You can send your repairs to antique shows where we perform in Paris

          par voie postale à : Eric LE COUR - 128 rue de Saussure - 75017 Paris

          If shipping, thank you to send upstream pictures by email for quote :

See you.